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Go online in China now!

In 2021, total e-commerce sales in China reached 2.8 trillion USD, almost 4X more than nr. 2 USA.


Chinese consumers find and buy products on e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and JD, not on your company website. Act now and start selling on the world's largest e-commerce market. 


Research from eMarketer predicted that 52.1% of retail sales in China came from e-commerce in 2021, making it the first major country where online sales outpaced offline sales.  





We create a full e-commerce strategy and execution plan including which marketplace to enter when and with which products. Furthermore, we help you with digital media purchase, influencer marketing, social media account operations, local content creation and market insights. 


Traffic is key to drive sales. We have strong relationships with the largest e-commerce and social media platforms in China which maximises the ROI and exposure of your marketing campaigns. Using engagement and conversion data we advise on which platform at which time to invest in order to generate awareness and user engagement to drive traffic to your e-commerce store.  




We provide everything needed to run an e-commerce store including setup, UI/UX localisation, customer service, logistics and after sales. We have worked with 30+ international brands in China. Took one Nordic fashion brand from 30 million RMB in sales on their official website in China to over 600 million RMB on Tmall sales within 2 years.




Triple Digit is a modern service oriented company with FUN in focus. Chinese consumers view shopping as a fun and entertaining experience. We are here to help you create consistent content that will drive traffic to your e-commerce stores in China. With a young and savvy team born in the social media era we keep up with the latest market trends and platforms to ensure your success in China. 


The management of Triple Digit has experience from service institutions with the highest professionalism standards. We understand that it’s equally important to keep our customers updated via effective up-to-date communication as it is to deliver solutions that translates to sales on the e-commerce stores we maintain for them. Triple Digit strives to achieve full transparency and will create the reports and presentations you need to show your management or the board. 



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