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Is your e-commerce business in China not working?

Perhaps your team launched a store on Tmall a few months ago and it has not been performing as expected. Maybe you lack the transparency to understand how your current E-commerce Service Partner is marketing your brand and pricing your products online in China. Our experienced team can help you.    

High level strategy

Our team will tailor an execution presentation for your management or board members. As an independent 3rd party we can assess your current e-commerce setup and provide feedback. We will present an execution plan how to turnaround your online business in China.   

Talks and seminars

We will give talks about Chinese Social Media and E-commerce landscape tailored to your product category. This is relevant for brands that wish to educate its HQ staff about their E-commerce business in China or Marketing/Social Media agencies that wish to learn about how Chinese influencers monetise on their followers.

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